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The Vibrant Equipment Leasing Market in China – Covered from all Angles

In the wake of robust growth in the equipment leasing market in China, Duxes will host the China International Equipment Leasing Forum 2018 in Beijing on October 25-26. The event will gather representatives of prominent lessors, equipment vendors, service providers, trade associations, and government agencies, to share high-level knowledge on the Chinese leasing market. Over the course of two days, speakers and panelists will address the impact of policy and tax reforms in China, including the consequential Belt and Road initiative, the IFRS 16 accounting standards, financing channels for lessors, optimal asset residual management, growth sectors for equipment leasing, the proliferation of new models for green finance, and the impact of digitalization and the Internet of Things on the market.

The China International Equipment Leasing Forum 2018 continues Duxes’ acclaimed leasing event series which spans more than a decade, and offers forward-looking analysis of leasing markets in China and around the world. Professionals working in the equipment leasing sector, or related fields, are invited to attend.

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