Overview of the Duxes Leasing Series

Since 2007, China’s finance and leasing industry has experienced rapid growth with increasing support from industry policies, its business volume increased more than 200 times from ¥ 24 billion in 2007 to around ¥5330 billion in 2016, reaching a CAGR of 82%. Although China's finance and leasing industry is developing at high speed, its market penetration rate is only about 4%. In comparison to a market penetration rate of over 15% in most developed countries, China’s finance and leasing market still has great space for development. It is predicted China's finance and leasing industry is expected to maintain a growth rate around 30% over the next few years.
To meet the demand for timely information on this booming industry, Duxes holds three events in China, Singapore, and Dubai each year, dedicated to equipping finance and leasing professionals with essential knowledge on innovation and latest market developments. The Duxes Leasing series gathers industry professionals, including policymakers, top managers of leading domestic and international companies, representatives of renowned industry associations, and outstanding experts in fields of finance, marketing, and Product R&D.
13th China Leasing Summit 2020


The 13th China Leasing Summit 2020 will gather leaders in the leasing industry, to discuss the extraordinary growth in the auto leasing sector in China, providing a platform for high-level exchange on innovative business models, cutting-edge technology, the regulatory environment, market trends, financing channels, fleet management, risk management, new energy vehicles and much more.

3rd Asia Pacific Leasing


The 3rd Asia Pacific Leasing Summit 2018 will gather attendees from across the leasing industry to share information on the latest market developments and optimal business practices. The summit will feature testimony from eminent speakers, including policymakers and representatives of leading leasing global companies, who will detail firsthand experiences and expert knowledge on the expanding leasing market in Asia.

5th Middle East Leasing Summit


The 5th Middle East Leasing Summit will delve into leading topics related to the car rental and leasing markets, including government policies, consumer & auto finance, fleet leasing, and risk management, providing a platform for industry professionals to exchange high-level knowledge. Government officials from across the region, as well as speakers representing trade associations and prominent companies, will share valuable experiences and ...