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Leasing Summit in Singapore to Detail the Promising Asian Market

The global leasing industry sits at a crossroads, with the Asia Pacific Region best-positioned for explosive growth in its leasing market. New Fintech models, which harness big data, digital platforms and sophisticated methodology, in combination with a plethora of favorable government policies towards infrastructure investment, have created the conditions necessary for a prolonged expansion in Asia’s equipment leasing sector. Furthermore, leading global lessors have entered emerging markets in Southeast Asia, drawn to their outstanding growth potential.

The 3rd Asia Pacific Leasing Summit 2018, taking place in Singapore on December 10-11, offers a platform for prominent leasing enterprises, equipment manufacturers, service providers, policymakers, and analysts, to discuss important developments in the Asia Pacific leasing industry, as well as share experiences and best practices in the market. During the two-day summit, speakers and panelists will address a range of important topics, including the regulatory environment for leasing, the overall macroeconomic climate in Asia, market growth points, product models applicable for diverse vendor industries, financing, asset residual management, and the revolutionary effects of Fintech on the market.

The 3rd Asia Pacific Leasing Summit 2018 continues event organizer Duxes’ decade of engagement and support for the leasing industry, in Asia and around the world. Duxes leasing summits have been acclaimed by leading enterprises for their attention to detail, thorough coverage, and interactive format. Professionals working in the leasing industry, and in related fields, are invited to attend.

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