Endorser Profile
  • CIFA

    The CIFA Foundation was created at the initiative of a group of financial entrepreneurs to face the increasing number of regulations and the growing complexity of markets. Its mission is to strengthen the role of independent financial advisors (IFAs) at the international level in order to better defend the interests of investors. CIFA has chosen Geneva, one of the world capitals of wealth management and headquarters of many international organisations, to establish its permanent organisation.

  • IAA-Advisory

    IAA-Advisory is a highly respected and leading consultancy business which has been operating for many years in the leasing and asset finance industry both in the UK and internationally. IAA exists to support its clients with timely advice on the full spectrum of industry issues. An extensive global network of contacts enables it to keep in touch with industry trends and enables IAA to act as an informed commentator on the wider asset finance industry, and help to lead industry thinking. The company was founded by Derek Soper and is today still led by him in his role as chairman.

    The company has expanded in recent times to include deeper expertise in a wide range of relevant areas and to reflect the changing nature of the industry. IAA’s services and support encompass a wide spectrum of strategic analysis, tactical support and market led issues as well as funding and investment in the industry. The team are all seasoned industry experts and bring many decades of relevant experience and insight to the clients that are served by IAA.

  • AFSA

    It was formed in 1982 as Asian Leasing Association (Asialease) and has changed its name a couple of times in line with the growth and maturity of the Asian economies, the Leasing companies as well as to cater the changing needs of the members.
    Members are from the following countries:
    ♦ Australia ♦ Bangladesh ♦ Egypt ♦ India ♦ Indonesia ♦ Japan ♦ Korea ♦ Maldives ♦ Pakistan ♦ Philippines ♦ Saudi of Arabia ♦ Singapore ♦ Sri Lanka ♦ Taiwan
    All members of AFSA make up the General Assembly. Decisions of the Assembly are arrived at by majority vote of member countries present and voting.
    Management committee is the Governing Council which includes two representatives from each member country. The two representatives are the ‘Vice President’ and ‘Second Representative’ from each member country. At the helm of the Association is the President who is elected from among the Governing Council officers.