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    DBM Leasing LLC

    DBM Leasing LLC, 100 percent state-owned financial institution, was established on June 2017 as a subsidiary of Development Bank of Mongolia. The main objective of establishment was to provide financial leasing to key economic sectors, such as Mining, Agriculture, Energy, Transportation and Manufacturing in order to enhance economic prosperity of the country.
    Financial leasing has been introduced in Mongolian financial market in 2006 when the legal act was passed by Parliament of Mongolia. As of 2018, there are only three official financial leasing companies operating in Mongolia, which are DBM Leasing, Xac Leasing and TDB Leasing. Since the financial leasing is still new to Mongolian market, we consider that there are wide opportunities.
    DBM Leasing LLC has established successful cooperation with many major manufacturers and exporters of China, South Korea, Japan, Germany and Russia. Our leasing portfolio is consisted of Agricultural (56%), Mining (24%), Transportation (19%) and Manufacturing (1%) equipment and machineries.
    The company aims to develop mutually beneficial projects with neighbors in Asia Pacific to build greater and stronger region together.

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    standards of scalability and performance required by the largest equipment leasing and finance, vehicle leasing and fleet management companies, LeaseWave is comprised of 180 configurable modules that fully automate leasing operations while generating the underlying accounting entries for transactions. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Odessa employs a staff of 550+ people with an exclusive focus on the global leasing industry. Over the last 20 years, Odessa has consistently distinguished our solution via three unique selling propositions:
    Cutting-edge Technology: LeaseWave is built on an industry-standard technology stack that is consistent throughout the platform. By separating the business functionality from the technology driving it, LeaseWave allows for ongoing upgrades that provide cutting edge technology advances with minimal impact to end-users.
    Configurable Design: LeaseWave is engineered to be configurable and customizable by the user to meet specific and changing requirements. Through the Odessa development platform on which LeaseWave is built, customers can extend and enhance their LeaseWave functionality and build custom LeaseWave or standalone apps.
    Mature Functionality: LeaseWave has the maturity to manage the largest, most sophisticated leasing companies in the world from a diverse cross section of industries, as well as different sales channels.
    Recent Enhancements
    • LeaseWave Technology: REST Web API, Two-factor authentication, SMS/Text message capability, UI Grid usability enhancements
    • LeaseWave Functionality: New Multi-Payoff Quote Module, Cross-collateralization, en-masse document type/template configuration, Customer Portal self-registration
    • Odessa Platform: Business transformation enablement through Low-code Development and Test Automation feature sets