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In recent years, China’s auto market has been transformed by increased vehicle stock, leading to wider development prospects for auto finance and a rapid rise in financial leasing. As electric vehicles, shared cars, used cars and other new elements continue to enrich China’s auto finance market, its diversity has been enhanced and its vitality has been greatly stimulated.

At the same time, the rollout of 5G, big data and AI technology is set to be applied extensively in the field, which will help the industry’s sustainable development. However, opportunities and challenges coexist. Compared with the European and American markets, auto finance in China started late. Its market penetration rate is low; and its information transparency, rules and regulations are still imperfect. Therefore, the development of the industry faces great challenges. Moreover, China has just experienced a major epidemic, and “black swan”-style publicity will further effect developments, making the already demanding auto finance sector face an even greater test.

It is against this background that DUXES will hold the 13th China Leasing Summit – Asia Auto Finance and Leasing Forum from July 16-17, 2020 in Beijing, China. The summit will feature a wide variety of guests from relevant associations and industry players who will explore a more complete and sustainable future for the auto finance and leasing market in China. This summit will create a strong platform for participants to communicate and help elite industry leaders forge ahead.

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What You Will Learn?

  • Insight into the current situation and changes for automotive finance in China with an overview of policies, directions and leasing patterns

  • Authoritative interpretation of trends and in-depth analysis of micro reactions within wide-scale markets

  • Examples of successful case studies exploring the changes and future development of auto factories under the digital revolution

  • Take a ride on "AI + big data" technology to locate and solve the pain points and difficulties of risk control

  • Knowledge on the opportunities and challenges of providing multi-channel auto finance online

  • Predictions on the development trend of using third-party professional services within the auto financing and leasing industry

  • Platform to seek potential partners to promote business development in the Chinese Market

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Benefits of Attending

  • Access to leading figures in the auto leasing and finance industry, including manufacturers, researchers, and representatives of leading international companies

  • Insider knowledge on breaking industry developments, consumer trends, market analysis and regulatory policies

  • Unique opportunity to gain a foothold in a growing market – engage with new business partners and clients!

  • Improve your business profile – abundant opportunities to promote your brand with increased exposure at the summit

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  • Lesley Liu
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Speakers to invited
China Automobile Circulation Association
China Automotive Finance and Protection Rate Research Committee
China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
Leading international auto manufacturers and auto financing companies
The world’s leading fintech companies
Some Previous Speakers

Automobile Finance Branch of China Automobile Dealers Association
Deputy Secretary General

Roland Berger Greater China
Global Partner and Vice President

China Automobile Dealers Association
Vice Secretary-General

China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
Assistant Secretary General

Beijing Jingzhengu Information Technology Co., Ltd
General Manager, Financial Business Department

Auto Specialist
Expert on Changfeng Plan New-energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry at think tank
Independent Automobile Consultant

NetSol Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Senior Consultant

Guo Cheng Bao Li Financial Leasing Co., Ltd

Former Head of Market Development, Jiujiang Bank Auto Finance Division
Senior Expert in Auto Finance Industry

My Fund Technology

Bairong, Inc.
Senior Director, Financial Technology Department

Che Yi Pai
Vice President

Event Schedule


16th July 2020

Macro Trends & Market Strategies

Capital Side Business Innovation & Realistic Challenges


17th July 2020

Auto Financing Channel Challenges & Opportunities

Focus on Specialized Third Party Services


If you have any questions about sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, or concerns, please contact Lesley Liu on lesley.liu@duxes.cn or call +86 021 5258 8005 ext. 8036.
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Please let us know if you have any ideas for topics you would like to be addressed at the summit. Our project development team will utilize its extensive experience and contacts within the auto leasing and finance industry, to ensure that your demands are met!

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