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  • The Alta Group
    The Alta Group - Global Experience Provides Direction
    Resolving Challenges, Seizing Opportunities
    Equipment leasing and asset finance executives are facing a wide and diverse range of challenges in today's global marketplace. Ever-increasing customer demands, fierce competition, the need for operational efficiencies, stricter regulation and new market opportunities force finance professionals to make tough decisions every day.
    At The Alta Group, we help our clients to reach new heights, uncover opportunities and chart their best course for future growth and success, wherever they are in the world.
    Advisors to the World's Top Lessors and Equipment Providers
    The Alta Group has built an unrivalled reputation as a global provider of advisory and consulting services to many of the world’s leading lessors and asset finance companies - whether bank owned, captive or independent – as well as to equipment manufacturers and vendors and other clients.
    Since 1991, Alta has offered the in-depth insight and innovative approaches that enable companies to strengthen their strategic processes. From managing risk to entering competitive markets, from building partnerships to adding value, Alta helps clients achieve outcomes that increase revenue, control expenditure and improve productivity and profitability.
    Alta’s professionals are all highly experienced, senior executives with decades of industry experience across the equipment leasing and asset finance spectrum.
    Alta uses a combination of original thinking and professionalism to position clients to grow and succeed. Alta’s range of services includes . . . :
    • Strategic consulting and planning.
    • Captive finance and vendor programme development.
    • Market entry analysis and international expansion.
    • Merger, acquisition, restructuring and disposal.
    • Market intelligence and competitive benchmarking.
    • Interim management – bridging the management gaps.
    • Professional development – ensuring knowledgeable and productive personnel.
    • Problem resolution – using knowledge and analysis, providing guidance and achieving results.
    . . . but the depth and detail of our expert knowledge goes far beyond these headlines.
    For more information, please visit www.thealtagroup.com

  • CIFA
    The CIFA Foundation was created at the initiative of a group of financial entrepreneurs to face the increasing number of regulations and the growing complexity of markets. Its mission is to strengthen the role of independent financial advisors (IFAs) at the international level in order to better defend the interests of investors. CIFA has chosen Geneva, one of the world capitals of wealth management and headquarters of many international organisations, to establish its permanent organisation.

  • SCLG
    Headquartered in Dubai (UAE),Supply Chain & Logistics Group(SCLG) is a membership driven industry business group engaged in advancing supply chain & logistics industry locally, regionally and globally. Please be welcome to visit www.sclgme.org for more details.

  • AFSA
    It was formed in 1982 as Asian Leasing Association (Asialease) and has changed its name a couple of times in line with the growth and maturity of the Asian economies, the Leasing companies as well as to cater the changing needs of the members.
    Members are from the following countries:
    ♦ Australia ♦ Bangladesh ♦ Egypt ♦ India ♦ Indonesia ♦ Japan ♦ Korea ♦ Maldives ♦ Pakistan ♦ Philippines ♦ Saudi of Arabia ♦ Singapore ♦ Sri Lanka ♦ Taiwan
    All members of AFSA make up the General Assembly. Decisions of the Assembly are arrived at by majority vote of member countries present and voting.
    Management committee is the Governing Council which includes two representatives from each member country. The two representatives are the ‘Vice President’ and ‘Second Representative’ from each member country. At the helm of the Association is the President who is elected from among the Governing Council officers.

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